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Awaken to the Here and Now

Completing Your Search For Enlightenment

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by Ken Heitz Excerpt from Why Not LOVE?


A wareness is recognition 

of existence—


Awareness is a level, 

providing the “source

of light to see,”

providing a world

in which to exist.


Through awareness,

man strengthens himself,

through the acquisition

of knowledge.


The extent of knowledge is

limited to one's level 

of awareness.


Where the light fades 

so does the sight.


We are a level 

of awareness—


Now as a race . . . 

the human race—

upon this planet. 



We are the highest known

form of intelligence 

upon this earth.


We are now at a level 

of existence and knowledge, 

whereby, we are aware


our process of thought is 

in a form of 



We are attaining a level 

of energy,

to which we NOW are


a single force, 


The truth is within

all of us, 

for we are all 

within it—


The truth is 

the first step

toward eventual


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What others are saying

This book belongs among the elite volumes (its neighbors THE BOOK by Alan Watts, BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass, and MERE CHRISTIANTY by C.S Lewis) that pragmatically illustrates the value of spiritual practice upon everyday life. It may well outstrip THE POWER OF NOW in its transformative power for troubled souls.

David Bischoff
New York Times Best Selling Author

"I thought this book was very well written and sheds light on the advaita tradition
of non-dual awareness which defines natural perception as the freedom of enlightenment.
The author has taken 30 years of experience and translated his knowledge to point
directly at liberation."

-Barclay V. PowersIndependent filmmaker and
author of "The Answer."

"My work is based on ancient truths relevant now and forever. Kevin Duffy's work here
similarly uses remarkable system of ancient truth for piercing illusion and achieving life-affirming reality."


JB Glossinger


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